Energiprojekt LTD

We Manufacture and Sell BioMass- and Waste-fueled Power Plants for Production of Electricity and Hot Water.

Electric Power Plants in ranges from 500kW and 1000kW per engine.

Steam or Heat Power Plants in the range of 2MW to 12MW per unit


Energiprojekt AB has Reciprocating Steam Engines in sizes of 50 kW, 100kW, 500kW and 1000kW. The Power plant use any fuel to produce heat, the heat is then used to produce electric power.
Larger power plants can use either Steam Engines in parallel or multi stage Steam Turbines. Steam Turbines are only used in plants larger than 5 MWe due to the efficiency is higher on Steam Engines
The plants are build for either utilizing solid fuels from biomass or gas from e.g. LNG, BioGass or similar.
Other types of fuel is coal.
We manufacture system for both island operation or to be is larger grids.
All powerplantsystems can be provided as turn-key Power Plants.
Heating Power Plants are provided in sizes up to 12 MW per unit.
The Power Plants produce both hot water, steam and electric power making the systems ideal for rural electrification were both heat and electric power is needed.
- 50 kW Electric Power - 100 kW Thermal power as hot water 100 deg C - 100 kW Electric Power - 200 kW Thermal as hot water 100 deg C - 500 kW Electric Power - 1000 kW Thermal as hot water 100 deg C - 1000 kW Electric Power - 2000 kW Thermal as hot water 100 deg C